It’s been the kind of week when hearing about other people’s problems really puts mine in perspective. I’ve just returned from yoga and I feel the gratitude surging through me.

Today I am especially thankful that

We have a house and it has functional air conditioning.

We have a car whose air conditioning is hopefully getting fixed right now and we can pay for the repair.

We have parents whose air conditioned car we can borrow while ours is in the shop.

We have friends who recommend trustworthy mechanics.

At CVS the minute clinic today we had to wait literally less than a minute to be seen and an incredibly efficient and friendly nurse helped us.

We have health insurance.

Zoe is enjoying tremendously her week at Congo Camp.

Randy has a great job where he is able to use his talents.

Randy also uses his talents to help me help my clients.

I have work to do and it is challenging and rewarding.

I made myself go to personal training yesterday, even though it’s a little difficult to walk today.

Zoe and I both seem to really enjoy the American Girl stories

We do not live in 1775.