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Zoe used to play at being pregnant and giving birth, constantly. She was a very fertile preschooler. Thankfully, she’s finished with frequent labor and delivery and focused on raising her babies. In particular she has a favorite doll named Eve who smells like vanilla. Zoe was three when she received Eve as a post-surgery recovery present from a friend of mine. Sweetly, since Zeke was born, Zoe has focused more on mothering Eve, and compares notes with me as if we are in a moms group together.

One day over the summer I came home from somewhere and Zoe rushed out of the house and started pacing the sidewalk with Eve. “She just won’t settle down,” she said. “I don’t know what’s wrong with her. I’ve fed her and changed her but she’s still fussy!” Hmmm. Where had we heard that before?

Sometimes when I feed Zeke dinner, Zoe feeds Eve and discusses which baby foods Eve likes and doesn’t like and when she will move into eating table food.

My favorite moment, though, was recently when we were sitting on the floor of Zoe and Zeke’s bedroom, and Zoe was holding Eve. Zoe lifted up her shirt and held Eve to her chest. “She is always hungry!” Zoe said wearily, as she began to nurse.

It’s good to have a small mom–right here in our house–to commiserate with.

I have never giggled so much at having my face smeared with drool.

Today was Zeke’s and my last baby yoga class and it was comical. I realized we’ve been doing mommy-baby yoga for six months now, and it’s kind of amazing to think we’ve been doing anything together for six months. Zeke is like the wise elder of the class, filled with babies who are still counting their age in weeks. I’ve loved this class, and so has Zeke. Most of the time during class he is delighted, except when he is hungry and we have to pause our poses for a snack. Zeke especially loves the teacher, Kathy, who is very attentive to the babies. His face lights up when she approaches and he is mesmerized. Unfortunately Kathy wasn’t there today and there was a substitute, who didn’t really care much about the babies. She also taught the class completely differently, making it basically moms attempt to do yoga in the presence of their babies, or holding their babies, without any baby yoga involved or any poses specifically chosen for baby interaction purposes. So Zeke and I will have to do our toes to nose and kissy feet and I love yous on our own. Anyway, mostly what happened today was that I did a few poses, Zeke drank a lot of milk, and then Zeke scooted on and over and under me while I did a few poses. And, because Zeke is a fountain of drool at all times, Zeke drooled on my neck and chest and, for a few shining moments of intimacy, nuzzled his drooly face up against mine, completely soaking my cheek while I tried to do a bridge pose. It was hard not to laugh.

I am sad that we’re done with yoga, but Zeke just won’t be still enough for it to work. Next we will go in search of a toddler yoga class, as soon as he’s toddling, which won’t be long now.

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