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beckyEpisode #33 is up! Becky Owen discusses why she’s a bad military wife, how flying from Germany to the US with five children is easier than grocery shopping, what family means, the best way to teach your kids about Egyptian history, and more.

Listen here!

terricarsonbraxtonIn which Terri discusses the¬†unexpectedly paradoxical¬†contrast between her childhood in DC and boarding school in Massachussetts and how it changed the course of her life, helping her daughter aim for Miss America, the music that moves and inspires her, and Maya Angelou’s I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings.


saraIn which Sara shares an embarrassing story from elementary school in which she was played; how she’d like to go back in time; her ability to find things even from far away; and her dinner party with her grandmother, Fred Rogers, Anne Lamott, and others. Listen here.

Also Sara has an awesome TED Talk, which I was privileged to hear her practice at one of our book club meetings. Watch it here.

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