Zoe was asking me about the lyrics of Adele’s “Someone Like You” and I explained to her that sometimes when you’re a boyfriend or girlfriend with someone you decide you don’t want to be with that person anymore and you break up.

She said “When I’m a girlfriend, I won’t break up with anyone.”

But I told her it’s actually good to break up sometimes because you meet lots of different people and you don’t want to stay with all of them forever. I told her I dated a lot of people before I found her dad and knew I wanted to be with him.

So I asked her when she thought she could be a girlfriend, and she said 14 or 16. That sounds reasonable, I said.

I asked her what she wanted her boyfriend to be like. Here’s her list:

  • like Daddy
  • silly and tells jokes all the time
  • doesn’t have food allergies (which is, actually, unlike Daddy)
  • nice
  • not crazy

Seems like a good start to me.