originally published on Invocations. blog

In this house
I can always tell 
who is coming up the stairs
by the weight and velocity of their footfalls

Because of the creaky floors
I know when anyone is walking anywhere
Like a Marauder’s Map in my mind

The thin walls reveal
every conversation 
personal noise in the bathroom
keyboard stroke
video game melody
piece of television dialogue
even when all the doors are closed
If I don’t want to hear all the details
of your life
I have to put on music 
but then 
you will hear 
my music

Sometimes I sleep
just to claim some time
by myself 
but even then I am not really

There are certainly houses
smaller than ours
but ours is small enough
that there is no privacy
but plenty of intimacy 
as I can hear you breathing
and I am thankful that
you are breathing