(Gotta appreciate alliteration and rhyme even in a crisis time)

Saturday, March 14, 2020

We found out yesterday that schools would be closed for the next month. Closures and cancelations are being decided by each school district, venue, organization, and company. I read today that all of France and Italy are closed. Period. Seems like the United States is way behind the curve on this.

Not unlike on September 11, the impending crisis seems incongruous with the weather, which has been sunny and warm.

I feel like we’ve already made mistakes in terms of insufficient social distancing and self quarantine. Zoe’s best friend came over yesterday and today for several hours. It didn’t occur to me or his mom that could be a problem. The prospect of telling my almost 13-year-old n more friends over for a few days (or more) isn’t pleasant. Thank God they all have phones, I am thinking for the first time ever.

I launched a new blog: https://incaseofquarantine.com to build community and provide coping techniques and comic relief during this period. I welcome contributors!

Things I’m thinking about:

  • What I want to learn during this time, and what I can teach the kids
  • What will change in the world after this is all over
  • What I won’t be doing for a while, like free cycling or selling stuff online
  • Silver linings–we’ll be spending less money and using the resources we have on hand.