giant_stack_books_02What is possibly my favorite Twitter meme of all time is #TrumpBookReport, which took hold online after someone observed that Trump’s answers to questions during the Presidential campaign often sound like a kid who didn’t read the book trying to give a book report. I read a few (see examples here: and was inspired to write my own.

  • That old lady whispering hush? Nasty. The bowl of mush? Disgusting. Even those kittens are pathetic. Sad. That moon? WRONG! #TrumpBookReport
  • Those willows can’t stand up to some wind? They’re weak! I have more stamina than those willows. I would own the wind. #TrumpBookReport
  • The wild things are working for ISIS. Build a wall to keep out the wild things. Then use nuclear weapons ’cause why not?  #TrumpBookReport
  • Those wrinkles in time were nasty. Disgusting. Time should get botox. Who wants to look at that? #TrumpBookReport
  • That caterpillar was so hungry–constantly eating. He was disgusting. Nasty. If I were in charge I’d tax fruits and leaves. #TrumpBookReport
  • Gone with the Wind is a total lie, because climate change is a hoax, but I’d grab Scarlet because only I could save Tara. #TrumpBookReport
  • 7 habits? That’s nothing. I have all the habits. The best habits. No one else has habits like me and I’m bigly effective. #TrumpBookReport
  • That Dora asks too many questions. And she’s only a six. What, she’s only six years old? No problem. I’ll date her in 10. #TrumpBookReport
  • That girl Harriet–I would not date her–she is not attractive. And she’s a spy for ISIS. I know it. You know it. #TrumpBookReport
  • You know who’s terrific, radiant, humble, and some pig? I am! Not Wilbur. He’s nasty. #TrumpBookReport
  • That nasty woman says she’s Sam. But she’s not. I am Sam. She doesn’t know anything about Sam. And I have the best green eggs and ham. Bigly. #TrumpBookReport
  • She’s a nasty woman w/a scarlet letter. But I have the best letters. A and all of those other ones. #TrumpBookReport
  • That kid Oliver just begs for handouts. He’s a Mexican crimical. His gang was hired by Hillary to pickpocket at my rally. #TrumpBookReport
  • You know that garden? She says it’s secret. But I know about it. I know all the secrets AND I have the best gardens.  #TrumpBookReport

Your turn?