The book that Zoe’s urologist wrote (featuring Zoe’s story) comes out next week, and the website about it is I will be a blogger for the site. If I don’t tell our story, someone else will, and I know it better than anyone else.

Dr. Hodges has been amazing in his treatment of Zoe and ongoing support to us. He (along with his colleagues at Wake Forest Baptist Health–the gastroenterologist and physical therapist and the patient care staff) actually understood Zoe’s problem when no one else seemed to and have worked hard to help us resolve it.

I hope this book gets a lot of positive attention and helps parents, pediatricians, teachers, and school administrators understand the physiological challenge Zoe (and many other children) was dealing with and that Dr. Hodges’ research, insight, and advice will encourage them to be more patient, flexible, and open to helping kids get healthy.