One night while we walked around Waikiki we encountered this balloon artist, to whom Zoe was instantly drawn. He asked what she wanted and said she could basically have anything. She was dumbstruck, so he started offering choices, and had her at princess. He spent easily five to 10 minutes creating this balloon princess. I have never before seen a balloon princess. I was impressed. He said he’s been creating balloon art for 15 years, and that he’s going to attend a balloon art convention in Dallas in the spring, where he will earn a certification in balloon art. Who knew such a thing existed? He did, evidently. Zoe loved¬†Princess Alice and brought her home to introduce her to Ralph (her dog) and her baby doll Eve. Alice lived with us for the rest of the week. Toward the end of the week, unfortunately her face started leaking and got very very very skinny. I should have taken a picture but I didn’t have the heart to. When I told Zoe we couldn’t bring Princess Alice home and that I would have to pop her and throw her away, she was understandably upset. Perhaps that was too cruel? She was a very lovely balloon princess while she lasted.