Or not. At all. One of the things I have learned in recent years is that I have limits. In college I pretty much thought I could do anything. And I mostly did, until I drove myself so hard I melted down. And then I’d start all over. Years of therapy later, I realize I can’t do everything (for myself and for everyone else) all the time, nor should I. Especially as a mom and a small business owner, there is always, always, always something (or many things) left undone. And you just have to be ok with that. Or at least not cry about it. So while I do have many ideas to blog about, most of which I usually discard before I have the chance to write the first word, and I appreciated the challenge of trying to write every day in November, I’m giving myself permission to stop. Doing all the things that are theoretically supposed to happen in a given day, like cooking healthy meals, getting work done for clients, taking care of my daughter, exercising, interacting with my husband in some pleasant way, and taking care of general errands and things that need taking care of, plus blogging, is pretty much impossible for me. Perhaps it is possible for some. But another thing I’ve learned is that I have to give myself some time to relax, whether it’s reading, doing yoga, or watching a show. And blogging, while often fun, is putting something out there–it’s work–and not taking something in. Some days I’m lucky if I get any of the aforementioned items done, much less all of them. Today my daughter was home sick, so my main accomplishment was keeping her (and me) from going insane. Not even sure I achieved that. But she’s asleep now, and still alive, so I’m going to pat myself on the back.