Zoe’s Story About Bad Guys

Once upon a time there was a bad guy. The bad guy went into a house one day. The house had a baby right in the room next to the doorway. The bad guy could get in the baby’s room because the door was open. The bad guy took the baby and then went the bad guy went to sleep the baby quietly crawled back home. The end.

What Bad Guys Are Like

Grown-up bad guys are like this. They have black and blue clothes on. They have gray shoes. They have black hats. They also have light blue wings. They really like babies so they take them a lot, but just in made up stories. Kid bad guys can fly beside your car and they can also fly in your windows because their wings are shorter. Kid bad guys are naked but with wings.

How to Deal with the Bad Guys

Get your car washed but only when no kid is inside. Bad guys don’t like touching wet things. Even when your car dries, the bad guys will still think it’s wet because it looks clean, so they’ll stay away.