This morning on the way to camp Zoe was examining her mouth in the decorate-your-own princess mirror that she received for her birthday and just rediscovered when I reorganized some of her toys. Rather than gazing in admiration at her princess face, she was looking at her teeth. “I don’t see any cavities!” she reported happily. I hope the dentist will confirm that next month. “I wish I were a dentist!” she said. “Looking at my mouth is so cool!”

We’ve been working hard on the dental hygiene front. Zoe recently started using big kid toothpaste and learning to spit it out. It’s kind of a challenge to get her to brush for two minutes instead of 20 seconds. We’re building up to it. But she loves to spit, so she’ll be able to get a fluoride treatment when she sees the dentist in August. And now she has a mirror so she can easily admire her clean and sparkly teeth.