Zoe is so angry and frustrated with herself, and with us for reminding her all the time that she needs to use the bathroom, do exercises, listen to her watch, listen to her body, listen to us, follow the doctor’s orders. She wants to be normal. She wants to be able to trust her body. She’s so tired of this. I don’t blame her. She is so upset and really struggling to express why. We don’t get mad at the accidents, but we struggle to deal with the bad behavior that results from her feeling like she has no control over her body. This problem may have an explanation, but that does not translate neatly into a solution, and so far I think what we’ve done is completely overwhelm Zoe. It’s a mess.

Meanwhile, we can’t seem to find a physical therapist in the DC area who does pelvic floor rehabilitation, including biofeedback, with children. This person exists in Winston-Salem, so it would stand to reason that someone around here could do it, but we haven’t yet located that person. If you know of someone, please let me know.