Last night Zoe came in our room at 2:30. I put her back to bed. She came in again at 3:30, terrified. She had woken up from a bad dream so disturbing that she repeated to me several times, “All I want to do is be awake in the daytime. I don’t want to sleep at night anymore!” We were intermittently awake until 5. She was more upset than I’ve seen her from a bad dream in a long time. During the night, she wouldn’t tell me what happened in the dream, but this afternoon she said it had to do with aliens who took control of a plane she was riding in.

Tonight at bedtime we talked about more pleasant and fun things she might dream about. I’m not sure if it’s because of a developmental growth spurt or her memory improving or some other factor, but almost every morning lately she has reported about one of her dreams. They have included:

  • Daddy riding a giant slinky.
  • Zoe playing a small accordion, then a larger one, then a small one again.
  • Zoe planning a camping trip with Tigger which had to be moved inside because of rain. So they cleared the clothes out of one of Tigger’s closets and set up the tent in the closet, and then had lunch inside.
Hope tonight’s is among the more amusing and less terrifying.