Yesterday I forgot a lot of things. I forgot the record from Zoe’s last eye exam when we met with the eye surgeon. Fortunately it didn’t matter. The surgeon just wanted to know if the ophthalmologist thought Zoe’s vision was normal, which she did. The surgeon thought Zoe’s surgery from a year ago is holding up well, so we are spared another round of surgery for at least a year. Despite my forgetfulness, Zoe made a beeline for the toychest in the large waiting room as soon as we arrived, even though she hadn’t been there since last summer. I guess the location of toys makes an indelible impression in a three-year-old’s mind.

Then I forgot to bring my collection of vitamins to show the new acupuncturist I met with, who specializes in reproductive health. Turns out that didn’t matter either. She got what she needed to know by asking me questions. I did remember my checkbook, which probably mattered more to the acupuncturist.

When I got home the babysitter got ready to leave and was lingering by the door when I realized I had forgotten to pay her. Went for the checkbook again.

I downed a quick snack because I had forgotten to have lunch, while Zoe put on her bathing suit to get ready for her swimming lesson.

It was pouring rain outside and I had been wearing a rain jacket. The acupuncturist was burning herbs in her office and I felt like my jacket smelled strange. I didn’t want the people at the pool to think I’d been smoking pot before bringing my daughter to her lesson. I switched to my long trenchcoat, which I usually only wear for dressy occasions.

Halfway to the pool I realized I’d forgotten a towel for Zoe. We stopped at Rite Aid and CVS to see if I could buy one. While they do have pool toys for sale already, no towels to be had. I asked at the front desk of the rec center, but they do not have towels to sell or lend. I was troubled. Zoe repeatedly said, “It’s ok, Mommy. I’ll just be wet when I get out of the pool. It’s ok.” I decided to use my coat, which conveniently has a very soft lining, to wrap her up. After watching her kick and paddle and blow bubbles from my seat on the floor of the observation deck, I hurried down to collect her at the end of the lesson. I scooped her up inside my coat and went into the locker room. She was delighted. “Your coat is so warm!” she exclaimed. I suggested she get dressed. “Let me stay in your coat for a minute,” she said. Finally I got her dressed and we headed outside as the rain got heavier. I got a little wet. But I kept Zoe dry. And I remembered to tell Zoe I was proud of her for being brave in the pool. More important than a towel.