Zoe’s fourth birthday is coming up in a month. There is nothing that she really needs. But I believe kids should get something for their birthdays. So at various moments I have asked her what she wanted. So far she’s said things like, “I’d like a whole town that’s really tiny.” Hmmm. Not sure what that means. At other times she said she wants a doll that has batteries or a horse that has batteries. I explained to her that we don’t like to buy toys like that with batteries, because you don’t get to use your imagination. If the batteries do all the work for the toy, you don’t get to have as much fun. She totally bought it. “So I guess I won’t ever have any toys with batteries.” I guess not. I said, “You like doing science experiments, what about some science toys?” So far her science experiments, inspired by Sid the Science Kid, involve a lot of melting of ice or freezing of water or putting sunblock on construction paper. She said “Yeah! I love science. Let’s get some science toys!” So we went to Lakeshore Learning, a great teacher store recommended to me by several local moms. She wanted one of everything. I told her we were just there to get ideas, but we definitely got some. Glad to know there are lots of fun things out there that don’t require batteries, just a curious mind.