While many friends of mine who have young daughters have experienced princess invasion and the seeming possession of their daughters by princess mania, I am not worried. It is possible this behavior is yet to reveal itself in Zoe, but I don’t think so. For Christmas Zoe received a Disney princess castle, a Disney princess kitchen, and Cinderella figurines (none of this from us). She plays camping in the castle. She cooks food for us in the kitchen (ignoring the burner that says “help Snow White make breakfast for the dwarves” — Randy told her sometimes the dwarves make breakfast for Snow White too). She creates scenes where Cinderella gets married, but she’s marrying a Tyrannosaurus Rex named Tommy. The other Cinderella (not sure why two came in the package, both wearing fancy dresses) is the officiant at the wedding. Then Cinderella who’s getting married and Tommy T Rex have a baby, who is a bunny. And Cinderella reminds Tommy T Rex repeatedly to listen for the baby crying and to give the baby bunny a bottle or blanket. So there may be some domestic tranquility (or not, since the baby is always crying) but no stereotypical gender roles are being enforced. Princesses are nice, but no more exciting than dinosaurs. So far so good.